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SunBiz Showcase Alliance is an economic development advocacy organization. Our referral program engages top professionals.


Economic development

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CONSULTAtions in the northeast u.s. and the caribbean. 

Experience matters!. Having worked in a number of government agencies including the FDIC, Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State, and on Wall Street, Harland Henry has the experience and credentials to make the difference in shaping your ideas. More...

Our mission is to build relationships that support your organization and community.

Our Networking initiatives are organized in order to assist participants in building capacity.Ask about my TIIP.


Business Consulting


SunBiz Showcase alliance operates on the premise that Economic Development starts at home in our community.

"I am so grateful for your professional guidance and support.  You have been instrumental in making certain that our small/minority and women-owned minority businesses are in the forefront and have a place at the table despite all odds and I thank you...
When I see how much the expo has grown it really makes my heart happy and I could not have done it without YOU! 
 Take care and blessings ALWAYS!"

Deborah A. Caviness
Senior Program Administrator
Small & Minority Business Resource Office
City Hall Annex,  Bridgeport, CT


We focus on creating strategic alliances for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


We are now affiliated with TechData to bring you the best in Computers and Electronics

Dr. Joyce Hamilton Henry holds a doctorate in Social Policy from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

She has over 16 years of administrative experience in academe and in the nonprofit sector.

She is the author of No One Asked Us: The Under-representation of African Americans and Latinos on Local Boards and Commissions .More...

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