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Economic Development with the Community in Mind

SunBiz Showcase Alliance will work with your organization's staff on Outreach and Communication among neighborhood groups, community stakeholders and clergy to develop and implement an effective communications and outreach plan that everyone understands.

We find ways of doing economic development differently that improve communities and economies. Our purpose is to support and advocate for small businesses to build capacity; sustain growth in their business and provide a network of sustainable assets for the future of the families and community.

We believe that unless small businesses in our communities are supported, there can be no viable economic development in those communities.Call us now for a
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discussion on how we can work together.

About Us


SunBiz Showcase Alliance is an economic development advocacy organization whose mission is to provide small, minority and women owned businesses the support in order to create and economically viable communities.

Harland Henry is a business advocate and economic development professional who has worked for over 20 years on a concept called "Localization".

Localization was created (by SunBiz Showcase Alliance) to encourage the development of small businesses through public/private and faith based partnerships in a community. Through Localization, these businesses are nurtured and supported over a period of time. The result is a thriving community of flourishing enterprises. We support the idea that to build economic stability, a community must focus on its own assets, ie., entrepreneurs, small businesses, inventors, young people - the community. By providing incentives supporting its current assets a community can sustain itself and therefore create economic stability. For further discussion on this concept, please contact Harland Henry.

To learn more about other successful economic development projects that are aligned with community building, check out Growthology, Locavesting, Wealthworks and Economic Gardening.

Harland Henry worked as Director of Community Outreach in the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State from 1999 to 2009.Business, economic and community development was a primary function of the job. Harland took the opportunity to realize a dream of creating a sustainable economic development program called CTShowcase.  CTShowcase was the flagship of a number of networking forums, business roundtables and small business expos that provided a place and space for small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Connecticut. An opportunity that any small business owner could afford.


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